Q. How are winners determined?

A.) You can learn about how our winners are hand selected by viewing our about page.

Q.) Do I have to pay any money to be listed as a winner for my location?

A.) Being listed as a winner will cost you nothing. This is free.

Q.) Can I win the award again next year?

A.) It is very possible. Once a year we evaluate all winners and take into consideration other businesses. If you are still considered the top business within your category and location, then you will be awarded again.

Q.) Can there be two or more winners per category?

A.) No. We only award the best business. Only one winner will be awarded.

Q.) My business is better than the winner that was selected. How do I request consideration?

A.) Businesses are able to request consideration. This does not guarantee that we will award a new winner. However, we will take the time to manually review each consideration on a base by base case. If we feel that the business making the consideration is deserving of being the winner, we will remove the existing winner and replace with the new business.

Q.) My business has won an award but is showing incorrect business details. Can I edit them?

A.) Please go to the page with the business listing in question and click the "suggest edit" button from the feedback drop down menu. We will make the applicable changes.

Q.) Do old winners get removed from the award page each year?

A.) No. We will add new winners each year to each category. Old winners will remain on the page next to the year they were awarded.